News and Events

First Wednesdays*- Free seminars 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon.

Wednesday, May 1 – “Domestic Violence: Myths, Misconceptions, and Reality”

*An addition to May schedule: Wednesday, May 8 – “Will Grandpa Remember Me?” book presentation and signing with author Hovi Shroff, Ph.D.

Are you a member of a family who has a loved one with Alzheimer’s Disease? Are you a caregiver for a person with cognitive impairment? Are you someone who needs help explaining the Alzheimer’s Disease process to a child? Then look no further…”Will Grandpa Remember Me?” navigates Dr. Hovi’s experience of working with individuals who have Alzheimer’s Disease, research and first hand counseling anecdotes that are explored with compassion and empathy. The book is filled with hard truths and the importance of family and social support in ensuring the quality of life for both the loved one with Alzheimer’s Disease and the Caregiver. RSVPS are mandatory. Call 561-483-5300.

*First Wednesday dates are subject to change.